What We Like to Do When We are NOT LARPing

Traveling to Conventions and Unique Role Play Experiences

We recently expanded our services by adding a “Find a LARP” search tool in LARP Portal. In our research for games, we found a number of interesting events or experiences. While they are not LARPs, they are targeted to role players, so this blog will focus on these LARP adjacent events, activities, and experiences that LARPers might be interested in when they are not attending the more traditional Boffer, Theatre or War Game LARPs. These events include game and LARP conventions and gatherings that provide unique role-playing opportunities.  


Have You Attended One of These Conventions?

LARPers, as we have discussed in previous blogs, have many related or cross-over interests. Tabletop and Online gaming, Cosplay, Renaissance Faires and Festivals, and Haunts, as I talked about in our most recent blog. These are all forms of entertainment that draw on creativity, theater, and a love of storytelling. There are a few very well-known conventions that attract tens of thousands annually to see the newest in what the Gaming entertainment industry has to offer. At these conventions, attendees have an opportunity to participate in all types of gaming, including multiple 1-shot LARPs, LARP writing contests, discussion groups on topics about running LARPs, building props, etc.  


Here are some of the non-Comic-con LARP conventions and COSPLAY-themed events you may want to check out in 2024. 


Gen Con is the largest annual gaming convention attracting 70-100K+ and it is held in Indianapolis IN. It was founded in 1967 by Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax. This event has many sponsors, guest appearances, and many types of events. They do not charge for event space. Instead, players purchase tickets to play. There are tournaments across all genres of gaming: traditional board games, strategy games, live-action and computer games. This year’s event is August 1-4th. 


Be-Con is a Chicago, IL based Parlor LARP Convention. Parlor LARPs focus on social roleplaying, typically run for 2-5 hours, and can be played with a few players. All are self-contained stories and not part of an ongoing story or game. Be-Con does not include Boffer LARP due to space limitations. 


Peaky Midwest has scheduled a LARP writing workshop for the weekend of May 17-19th 2024 for a team of 18 to write a LARP and playtest it on the last day. Visit their Facebook page post for more information.

The Be-Con Convention schedule is not yet published but is typically late September/early October.


Intercon is an all-LARP gaming convention held in Warwick, RI each year at the end of February. The convention consists of a series of multi-genre Theater style LARPs that attendees sign up for, panels, workshops, and discussions. And similar to Be-Con there is a GM LARP writing competition where teams of writers produce new LARPs to be judged by a panel for prizes and recognition. Intercon is still soliciting new LARPs and registration is open for their event being held February 29th to March 3rd 2024. Will Leap Year Play into a LARP at this year’s event?? 



Imagicon is a 10-year-old convention in Minot, ND focusing on Gaming Comics, Cosplay, and LARPing. Gaming and costume competitions and escape rooms are all popular events. In 2024 the event will be held on April 26-28th, 2024, at the Minot Municipal Auditorium!


Otakon is an annual Asian-themed convention held in Washington, DC that celebrates pop culture; video games, anime, LARPing, Cosplay, and its fandom. Otakn’s LARP activities allow you to portray your favorite Anime character. This year’s event is scheduled for August 2-4th at the Walter Washington Convention Center. 


Unique LARPs and Other Live Action Role Playing Experiences

Hynafol is a Medieval themed Experience located just outside of Austin, TX. While Hynafol appears to have many of the aspects of a typical Medieval role-playing LARP experience, their immersive events are quite different. They hold their events on a large permanent renaissance site with multiple taverns, restaurants, a castle, traditional buildings, forest trails, a joust arena, and battlefield.



The entire family is welcome to attend. The taverns serve alcohol and you can bring your own. They hold week-long immersive events that allow for role-playing in a more realistic setting than most LARPs that play on Boys and Girls campgrounds or Public Parks and need to do much pretending. 


The Hynafol website invites you to a week of roleplaying, questing, revelry, and battling. Hynafol has year-long smaller events leading up to their week-long event in November.


The Voyage North to Bicolline Bicolline is a medieval, fantasy, role-playing experience located in Montreal, Canada. It is the largest event in North America and this group helps organize the logistics of registration, membership, fees, meals, tents, necessary camp equipment, transportation to and from the airport, and facilitating joining a guild. If you are a LARPer interested in Voyaging North to Bicolline the event this year is August 11-18th, 2024.


The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a living history group. Members of the SCA focus on studying and recreating pre-17th skills, crafts, combat, and culture. It is not about replicas. The society strives for recreation using the same materials and methods for armor, clothing, metalwork, cooking, and ale making. etc. SCA is international. There are multiple kingdoms/chapters and hierarchies throughout the world with routine events. 


Ravensborg is also a living history type event or a reenactment rather than a LARP. There are 2 Viking Longfort events a year, one In April and one in October. Attendees must be in proper period dress. There is no fee. There are public hours and hours open only for the reenactment attendees featuring archery, crafts, fighting, and feasting. 




This blog shared 2 types of events; Conventions and Unique LARP Experiences that LARPers may choose to experience when not attending more traditional LARPS. You learned that they all have role-playing in common. As we head into the New Year, LARP Portal wants to wish you the Merriest and Happiest of Holidays. See you Next Year! 


Call to Action

Before 2024 comes, take a look at your vacation calendars and schedule a day for one of the conventions or perhaps a new LARP Experience above, or check out a new LARP in our “Find a LARP” tool in LARP Portal. 

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