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It Takes a Community To Build a LARP

LARP Portal recently sponsored the American LARP Awards (ALA) to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We wanted to do something that would engage and connect the broader LARP community nationwide and to celebrate

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What is Vampire LARPing? - The Perspective of A Long Term LARPer

I am Christian Keller a veteran of the One World by Night LARP Org with almost 10 years collectively in the org; as well as tabletop and other LARP experience. I was asked to give a bit about my personal point of view on

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LARP Weapons Part 1: Types of Weapons

As we kick off the 2024 LARP season we are launching a 4-part blog series about weapons. We picked this topic because just over 10% of all online LARP-related searches are related to weapons. We have three goals with this series;

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What is Theater LARPing? - The Perspective of A Long Term LARPer

You might have read, in a previous post on this very blog, about a style of LARPing that does not feature any live action (aka “boffer”) combat. The blog post labeled this style as “Pure Theatrics”, though I’m going to refer

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What We Like to Do When We are NOT LARPing

We recently expanded our services by adding a “Find a LARP” search tool in LARP Portal. In our research for games, we found a number of interesting events or experiences. While they are not LARPs, they are targeted to role players,

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Why this LARPer LOVES Halloween and Haunted Houses?

Previously I wrote about how LARPing, Renaissance Faires, and SCA are related hobbies that often share the same attendees. Building Haunted Houses is another hobby that overlaps. LARPers often like building,

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What is LARPing?- The Perspective of A Long Term LARPer

Over the years, there have been a multitude of articles, pages, and an entire Wikipedia site dedicated to answering the question of what LARP is. In this blog, I am going to put our own perspective on what LARPing is.

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How LARPers Survived COVID

The world was greatly impacted by COVID-19. Individuals, families, and businesses had to learn new ways to work, shop, attend class, and PLAY. We will not know for many years, if ever, the full impacts of COVID-19 on our society. In this BLOG we are going to focus on.

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How Many LARP Characters Can We Kill This Weekend?

Obviously our title is a bit tongue in cheek. Plot teams should be trying to entertain players with well written plots and storylines, not killing off their characters. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t kill any of them.

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LARP Sites - What to Look for in a LARP Location

LARP owners wear many hats and face many challenges when running a game. Writing your rules and attracting players are not the only major hurdles that you face. You also need to find a campsite to hold your events.

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The 5 Tiers of LARP Combat, a guide to LARP Fighting

LARPs can be categorized by the quantity and type of combat in which players engage during events. Is heavy combat the sole purpose of an event? Or is it a more strategic part or a plotline and more theatrical?

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Do You Enjoy Role Playing at Ren Faires?

LARPing, Renaissance Faires and SCA are related hobbies that often share the same attendees. They are all represented by a love of costume play, history, fantasy role playing and the medieval genre.

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7 Steps to Build Better Plot

Developing a rich and intriguing plot for players, event after event, is much like writing a TV series or a movie where you set the stage and build the props, then yell “Action” but you don't know what 80% of your actors are going to say or do.

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What is LARP Portal?

Let’s face it, running a LARP is time consuming. In all but the rarest of occasions, it’s probably done in addition to holding down a full time job and managing family obligations. Once your initial game LARP rules and policies are established there are endless tasks.

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