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LARP Portal is a web based modular system that integrates key Player, Campaign and Character data to save time and improve player and staff experience. Designed as a series of independent modules, each game can be configured to use what it needs of the 100+ features.



The Player Module centralizes all info about the player. The player can manage their passwords and opt in to receive notifications. Players manage their own profile.

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The Campaign Module centralizes information about the game for players. PCs use the module to learn about the game rules and events and to register for events.

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The Character Module is the heart of LARP Portal. PC and NPC characters are created and defined by the player. LARP Portal goes beyond the standard character skills or rules database.

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Participation Levels for every LARP


New & Existing Games With Logistics Needs

Basic Level Plus the following:

Character Generator
Post Event Surveys
Advanced Reporting



1 Shots, Theatre LARPs
Games With Character DBs

Registered Level Plus the following:

Player Profile
Event Registration
Character Point Mgmt



Games With No Logistics Needs

Campaign Description


How it works?

LARP Portal combines a complex set of data tables with an easy to navigate user interface that provides useful content to PCs, NPCs and Staff.


A LARP Portal account is required to access the system. This account will allow players to search for campaigns.

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There are 3 high Level roles in LARP Portal; PC, NPC and Staff (Player Character, Non Player Character, and Plot or Logistics Staff).

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A Campaign gains the ability to market their games and share event dates and appear in marketing searches.

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The LARP Portal blog is an additional resource for LARPers. In it you can find tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to make your LARPing experience more enjoyable.

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