LARP Portal Tips

In this section we will provide tips specific to player roles PC, NPC and Staff.

LARP Portal Tip for PCs:

Print your Own Character Specific Rule Book

Many players work hard to learn or relearn their character abilities after a long hiatus from LARPing and in many cases learning a whole new rule system as well.CHARACTER CARDS are good for refreshing your memory on the fly, but there’s nothing like the full rulebook for learning what your character can do.

Our NEW REPORT “Character Specific Rulebook” will produce a miniature version of the full rulebook descriptions with ONLY THE SKILLS YOUR CHARACTER has selected.

To Get Your Character Specific Rule Book :

1. Go to Reports on the left-hand menu and click on “Character Specific Rulebook”
2. Select your character from the drop-down list:
3. Select the skill set:
4. Click on Display Character Rulebook
5. From the page that comes up you can Print a mini-rulebook specific to your character with the full rulebook descriptions.
6. You can also save it and customize it by editing the HTML file it produces or pasting it in a word processor like Word or a spreadsheet like Excel

LARP Portal Tip for NPCs :

Get POINTS faster for games you PC by registering in LARP Portal

The fastest way to get Points for your PC at another game …and a great way to help staff…. is to register for events in LARP Portal.

The registration is the mechanism for assigning points automatically. By registering and indicating where you want your points to be assigned, Staff can simply say “assign” and it will automatically assign to your PC at the other campaign (if that campaign participates in LARP Portal)

LARP Portal Tip for STAFF:

Check out the expanded Character Report Summary

Check out the expanded list of reports including the CHARACTER List. This report details:

1. Character’s full name in addition to AKA
2. Character’s where from and current home
3. Team Affiliation
4. # of points
5. # of deaths

The report also includes a Y/N if the player

1. Submitted a HISTORY
3. Added PC, NPC or other RELATIONSHIPS
4. Added any Important PLACES
5. Added any ITEMS